Novarin®, now also Organic and Sustainable

Heerenveen, 29 September 2010

The concept Novarin® is now extended with new building elements!

Besides the options of reducing saturated fat and total fat next to ‘Clean Label’ formulation, it is now possible to produce biological products with Novarin® Bio/Organic, made of biological vegetable oils and fats. Also Novarin® Sustainable is one of the new options to be chosen: it guarantees the support of the production of sustainable palm oil.

Novarin® provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to increase the sustainability profile of your business.

New website now online!

Heerenveen, 17 mei 2010-05-11

Welcome at our new website of Novarin®!
The ‘Look and Feel’ has remained the same, but the content has been adapted.
You will find the film of Novarin®, specially made for the nomination of the Food Valley Award 2009. Take a look and find out yourselves if the building elements of Novarin® can provide a solution for your products.
At the page ‘Applications’ you will find cases that subscribe the success of Novarin®.
Check this on a regular basis, as new cases will be added.

Would you like to know more about Novarin®?
Don’t hesitate to contact us, our Industry Team is here to help!